Annual Quality Systems Continuity Plan.

The key is Continuity – This Continuity Plan maintains your Quality Systems regardless of the management and or employee status.

Quality And Food Safety Certification Scope Annual Regime:

We design for you a 12 monthly internal systems monitoring plan to ensure your QAFS obligations
are split into manageable and appropriately timed plans to coincide with your scheduled 3 rd party
annual full systems external audits through:

One full day site visit minimum one month prior to the annual scheduled recertification
audit that include but not be limited to,

Ensuring your QAFS policy and procedures manual is 100% current to all applicable
standards and codes of practice, including customer specifications, addendums,
customer finished product specifications etc, this will ensure sufficient time to develop,
train and implement any identified system upgrade required, and

A Full HACCP plan scope review and adjustment where required to reflect your current
product range, procedures and associated risks, management monitoring and validation
is appropriate, and verification is robust against customer and legal specified criteria.

Confirming the integrity of the current certification via self-assessed internal audit across
all QAFS standards in the scope of your business activities.

A general report on the suitability and physical condition of food handling and staff
facilities, equipment, foreign object and pest management plans etc.

The acceptability of quality monitoring against customer finished product and packaging
specifications, legal net weight requirements, end of shelf life etc, and real life rejection
KPI management.

Traceability in/use/out and mock recall.

Other activities agreed prior to pre audit visit.

Supported by our unique Monthly Offsite GMP/ GHP Monitoring Plan:

We design specific and unique to your needs scheduled monthly recorded monitoring activities that senior management can allocate to skilled staff.

They review and report findings back to management that provides assurance that all food safety and quality outcomes were compliant.

Or raise an in-house Corrective Action Request to correct the deficiency.

Copies (electronic) of the monitoring record/outcome shall be forwarded to GDFC for training, review and cloud storage.

We have also been investigating two potential software applications to convert much of your paper based systems into a tablet based electronic format.  

This may incur further cost at reduced rates.

The above would be initiated for a trial/assessment 12 month period split into monthly payments in advance.

For additional work outside of scope you are entitled to reduced standard hourly consultancy rate and will be prioritised wherever possible.  

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