Environmental Services

Our partners Bowantz Environmental are actively delivering responsible project outcomes that incorporate sustainability and innovative practice and they have been a sound market choice by their clients for over ten years.

Environmental Survey

Engage Bowantz Bushfire & Environmental to provide planning and development support when dealing with approval authorities as part of your development application.

Our qualified environmental planning consultants can provide planning and assessment advice to ensure you comply to the relevant environmental legislative requirements.

We can provide environmental assessments, and compose relevant environmental management planning documents such as:

  1. Vegetation Management Plans (VMP)
  2. Vegetation and Biodiversity Offset Requirements
  3. Flora & Fauna Assessments
  4. Weed Assessments and Weed Management Plans
  5. Erosion and Sediment Control Management Planning
Landscape Rejuvenation

Our consultants are highly skilled and experienced in the design, planning and implementation of revegetation and degraded lands rehabilitation projects.

With an extensive history of delivering revegetation programs with both Government agencies and private clients.

We will ensure your revegetation project is a success and provides an ecologically sensible outcome to any landscape.

Project experience includes:

Ccreek and River revegetation using long stem techniques.

Sensitive and important ecological areas such as Endangered Ecological Communities and Threatened Species recovery programs.

Restoration programs for Disturbed and Degraded landscapes

Weed Control

Bowantz Bushfire and Environmental has successfully worked to deliver a broad range of weed control and vegetation management projects for clients predominantly located across the Illawarra, Wingecarribee and Wollondilly regions of NSW.

We specialise in projects that are complex and require high skill levels, we are known for our ability to get the desired results on time, the first time.

Most recently we have been working on regionally significant river corridor weed management projects along the Bargo River, Stonequarry Creek and Nepean River within the Wollondilly Local Government Area.

We have been engaged by the Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) to undertake strategic weed control in high priority catchment areas for over seven years.

Soil Conservation

Bowantz Bushfire & Environmental can competently plan, design, install and manage soil erosion and sediment control interventions to reduce environmental impacts.

Our project management staff are trained and experienced in applying best practice standards and techniques to ensure compliance with statutory obligations that aim to retain water quality and reduce environmental harm.

Our practices can be referenced to standards developed by the IECA (International Erosion Control Association) and the NSW Soil Conservation Service.

Water Quality

Our passion to provide environmental engineering solutions to improve the function and sustainability of natural waterways was a driving factor in establishing our business.

Our staff have successfully completed studies to comprehend stream behaviours and landscape geomorphology at a post graduate university level developing a sound scientifically validated understanding of water way management.

Bowantz Bushfire & Environmental can provide professional advice and help to resolve natural drainage and landscape issues relating to creeks and waterways.

Ecological Restoration

With highly credentialed and experienced environmental practitioners Bowantz Bushfire & Environmental are ready to partner in your next restoration project.

Our staff have successfully developed validated skills, knowledge and experienced by working in the planning and delivery realm of applied environmental science.We have specialised skills in the design, implementation and monitoring of environmental projects such as:

  1. Terrestrial Vegetation Management and Restoration – Weed Control, Bush Regeneration, Re-vegetation, Vegetation Assessment and Monitoring
  2. Rivers, Creeks, Drainage and Aquatic Environments – Creek Restoration, Erosion and Sediment Management, Wetland Restoration, Drainage and Water Management
  3. Rehabilitation of Modified Environments – Rehabilitation of mining and industrial landscapes
  4. Facilitation and Support in Delivering Community Engagement Projects – Bushcare, Landcare, Coastcare, Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Services