April 2018 Freshcare Training

Freshcare has an enthusiastic network of approved trainers across Australia providing practical, cost effective and easily accessible training options for growers.

Freshcare Trainers are responsible for guiding growers through a streamlined process from initial registration to full certification.

Freshcare Training is usually delivered as an initial one day training session (commonly a face-to-face workshop), with a follow-up on-farm visit or remote support option.

Freshcare Training ensures each participating business has a full understanding of the Code of Practice requirements, how they are applicable to their business and what needs to be implemented and prepared to demonstrate compliance at audit.

Freshcare Training is flexible to best suit individual member’s requirements – with group training (workshops), one-on-one training (implementation on farm) and online training.

Freshcare Trainer Glenn Fairley from GD Fairley Consulting is heading to Mareeba (10th) and Innisfail (11th) in April 2018.

Please register your interest in these training sessions via the form below or call Glenn on 0412 650 280 to arrange your involvement.

The Freshcare eLearning platform has been developed as a practical, user friendly, remote-learning option for Freshcare training, enabling course participants to ‘build’ their Freshcare manual as they progress through the training course, developing business specific resources to support implementation on-farm.

Freshcare eLearning is not intended to replace face-to-face training, but to provide options for growers without easy access to a trainer or who prefer a remote learning option.  The Freshcare eLearning training will be supported through interactive forums and through the regional trainer network.

Visit the Freshcare eLearning site here: to register your interest for access to the FSQ4 course in 2018.

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