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Human Resources can quite often be a daunting task for many of our Consultancy Clients.

GD Fairley Consulting  are happy to announce our affiliation with Greenfield HR Solutions, Recruitment and HR Services. 


A Consultancy assisting the Fresh Produce Industry source and engage with reliable staffing solutions  Australia wide.

Their team has a strong level of expertise and a track record that shows they are more than capable to source candidates and collaborate with clients to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The Greenfield HR Consultants take time to truly understand the needs of each  business and tailor their services to suit the clients needs.

Greenfield HR Solutions offer flexible fee structures, so as to work within any kind of budget.

Employer Branding

Ever wondered why your competitor always seems to get the great talent who take their company to the next level while you struggle to attract the right candidates? That’s because your competitor is implementing employer branding strategies, carefully crafting an image of the company that everybody wants to work for.

In the recent years employer branding has become so much more than an overused buzz word. Nowadays it is absolutely imperative for companies of all sizes to have it and continuously work on it.

Employer branding is your reputation as an employer and it plays a vital role when attracting top talent, especially in the candidates’ short market.

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